Life in Motion

Photography is a passion, Creativity my expression, Add a good dose of adventure, And you have a Life In Motion.

About Me

Through the lens of the camera, I invite you to share the tapestry of my life. Captured moments of nature, adventure and all things whimsical. Landscape and Stills photography is my focus with a good dose of curiosity in the mix. Giving back to those who has the passion and the desire to move beyond their circumstances, remains a joy and privilege. Personal Photo Shoots of properties, architecture and creations can be booked on request


OPEN UP This was just an ordinary bud 2 days ago Now a magnificent and perfect flower. Reminds me to surrender To the ancient rhythm of grace. For when you…


At the beginning of the year I sit and meditate on the year that was. ┬áLast year becomes celebrations of victories and lessons to be used as building blocks. My…


Merging my creativity with my passion is a big step in the the right direction.. Allegra-Art will be merged into Life In Motion as they overflow and enhance each other.…

Move forward

In order for me to move forward, sometimes, what is required is to Stop and Be StillPsalm 46v10


May April bring us more laughter! A Note to Self – Don’t take yourself so seriously… #laughoutloud
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